My Journey with Sarthak Prayash

My name is Rohit Chauhan. I have been a student at Sarthak Prayash for more than ten years, since I was in 8th standard. For me it has been the biggest opportunity that has turned my life around. Today I am a software engineer at Mindtree. I feel very confident about my career and all of this was made possible by Sarthak Prayash. I am grateful for the efforts that Umesh sir and every other member of Sarthak Prayash put in.

Umesh Pant sir has helped me a lot. He made sure we had a library of books, internet facility for online classes. And, whenever we were unable to pay the fee, Umesh sir also helped us financially.

But most importantly, it is the environment where children from uneducated backgrounds could believe that the dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer is possible. I am thankful to God for putting me under the guidance of Umesh sir. He is a man who helps all the children, selflessly, in the best way possible.

I have some things to say to the students who are in the same situation as me.

  • Never stop your education. Whatever the situation maybe, however bad the result in exams, and no matter how many times we fail, in the long run it does not matter. Do not stop your education.
  • Start enjoying the learning. Otherwise, you will not be able to pursue it for a longer period of time, with consistency.
  • Education is a longtime pursuit, and there are no short-cuts to knowledge and excellence.
  • If everything in your life is smooth and simple, you will not remember the journey. That is why bumps and hindrances are important in the journey.

It is my sincere wish that more students from unprivileged families, who are deprived of educational opportunities associate with such an initiative. And more educated people, wherever they are, join the stream of mentors. So that they can pass on the to the society, some part of their achievements.